One of the most important jobs in sports is the spectator, the fan.
St. Paul says, all of us, we all have role to play and we all have a gift and if your gift is to support and if your gift is to encourage … you are as important as the star on the field. There is a strengthening or an energy that comes from the people who are watching.
Many die-hard fans liken sporting events to a religious ceremony. When a crowd gathers to cheer on their team they are acting as God intended.
Healthy team sports gives us a glimpse of what Holy Spirit is all about. It is not coincidence that before sport events or big games you have a little spirit rally.
The spirit of the crowd or the spectators is a taste of the Holy Spirit. That turns on ordinary activity into community building experience and that is what we are called by God to be–a community of believers, a community of brothers and sisters.
The feeling that you get from being part of a team, even as a fan, is quite awesome. It gives us a real insight into the type of community God kind of calls us to be, to support one another to use our individual talents to the best of our ability to help the common good and not just help ourselves.
Competing on the field, on the court and all over the place … has been a really important part o the New Evangelization.
I hope this is what icon GUARDIAN ANGEL-FOOTBALLER represents.